Social Media. Our goals and practices for your brand and business.
  • Make you and your brand an online influencer synonymous with your industry via content that tells your story.

  • Significantly grow Social Media: Genuine Followers, Reach, and Engagement in order to increase industry and Brand/Product awareness.

  • Curate and utilize, blog, website and influencer content (see Content Marketing), as well as related articles and news to increase awareness and drive traffic to website.

  • Drive physical traffic to physical locations and events.

  • Create monthly content calendar to help achieve goals; stay organized, and be communicative across all team members.

  • Show growth, reach, and engagement results through monthly measurement and analytics reports.

Did you know?

82% of people digest their online content (articles, recommendations, news) via Social Media.

87% of Social Media users digest their Social Media content via their mobile device. We post visuals and engaging content with this in mind.

Social Media advertising reaches HIGHLY TARGETED consumers and is engaging. Traditional and Google advertising by comparison is outbound only and often 10x the cost or more for less results.

Traditional advertising does not offer the hyper-targeting that Social Media is capable of.

59% of online consumers make purchases via social media.

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