(The Tale Of Two Imaginary Boys)

Lol Tolhurst is a musician, writer and performer best known as a founding member of the band that virtually invented alternative music, The Cure. Formed in 1976, The Cure is one of the most influential, successful and critically acclaimed bands of its generation.As The Cure’s drummer, Lol toured the globe many times over, supporting the ground-breaking albums Three Imaginary Boys, Seventeen Seconds, Faith and Pornography. He took on keyboard duties in the mid-eighties until his departure from the band in 1989, at the time of their masterwork Disintegration.

Lol’s first book was published in 2016. Cured - The Tale Of Two Imaginary Boys is a memoir that draws together the threads of his life and art. 

We were excited to be brought on board to assist Lol with his social media efforts marketing this incredible book that speaks to the history of The Cure, and overcoming addiction.

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